Song Cube

While not a new idea, the song cube has been popping up all over my feed and so the Storytime Bandit could not resist stealing this great idea.

If you haven’t heard, a song cube lets you roll the die to see what song you will sing next. Others have used tissue boxes as the base of their story cubes, but I’m a bit impulsive and since we use the long rectangular tissue boxes, I didn’t have the patience to buy and use a full box of tissue before I could begin (and there was no way I was going to waste all those tissues). So I decided to take a chance and make a cube from cardstock and lots and lots of packing tape.

Song Cube

The pattern was easy to make on Word, I started used the shape tool to make 3 connected squares (I had to print it on 2 pages to make it big enough) and then inserted an image and identifying word. I printed the pages on fairly stiff cardstock, cup out my pattern, folded and taped together. as careful as I tried to be wrapping it in tape, i still got a number of tape bubbles, but it works like a charm. I attached the Word Docs I created in case you also don’t have a tissue box handy and you want it NOW! Song Cube 1 Song Cube 2

A few things to consider when choosing songs for your cube (or what I wish I’d thought of before I began):

Song Length: There’s a big difference in how long it takes to sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star vs The Wheels on the Bus.

Repeating Songs: Ultimately I decided this isn’t that big of a deal since repetition is awesome, but when planning out my song sheet I REALLY wanted to sing 5 Little Monkeys, since we read a book about monkeys, but I also wanted to roll the song cube, which included Five Little Monkeys. I hemmed and hawed about this before deciding singing it twice wouldn’t be so bad. As luck would have it, we rolled other songs.

What If You Change Your Mind? I’m impulsive, and then I tend to change my mind. The way I made this cube, if I want to change any of the songs, I have to make a whole other cube. Bummer. This genius has images she can swap out.

I highly recommend trying this for your storytime! Let me know how it goes 🙂


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