PJ Storytime: Hugs and Kisses

Happy Valentine’s Day! I avoid directly celebrating holidays, preferring a related theme that if your celebrate you will feel in the spirit, but if you don’t hopefully you can still enjoy the stories and songs. For Valentine’s a focus on stories about hugs & kisses & love. Because all you need is love . . . and monsters.

We Read:

Hugless Douglas by David Melling

A classic in my storytimes, I love poor awkward Douglas and it’s fun to do a big silly oaf voice for him.

One little girl immediately recognized this book from her school and was actually reading along with me. Too cute. All of the kids had fun with poor Douglas and it worked very well with dialogic reading.

Hug Machine by Scott Cambell

This is a new book I’m trying out this year. I don’t like that the people he hugs in the illustrations are so still and unresponsive, but it’s been highly recommended so I wanted to give it a try.

The kids LOVED it despite my reservations. I got a big reaction from hi
m hugging the snake. I tried to convince them that snakes were the best to hug because they can hug you back 🙂

Love Monster by Rachel Bright 

Oh, poor little love monster. I just want to take him home and keep him and love him forever.

I didn’t plan it this way, but both Love Monster and Hug Machine deal with a lot of opposites (which was my theme last week) so it was great to reinforce those concepts.

We Sang:

I didn’t care for most of the huggy/kissy songs I found, but there are some great ones about hearts.

I made a 2 in 1 flannel board for this storytime. I already had a set of color hearts for the song:20150211_193323

Oh, my little red heart, I love you.

Oh, my little red heart, I love you.

Oh, my little red heart, I love you.

Then the orange heart asks, “Do you love me, too?”

And with a little puff paint, I was able to use the same hearts for a BINGO style heart song from Storytime Katie:


I know a shape and it means love

and heart is it’s name-o

H-E-A-R-T 3x

And heart is it’s name-o

This is an All ages Pajama Storytime and we get a number of older siblings. I try to find opportunities to engage them and with this flannel I flipped over the letters all scrambled up and invited them to unscramble the word.

We did another heart song (also from Storytime Katie, she rocks!) I Have a Little Heart, which ends with a big hug. This was a great rhyme to directly invite parent involvement. I let them knw that we are going to give hugs at the end of the rhyme, so look around for someone you want to hug. It was also the perfect opportunity to sneak in my EL tip:

It has been scientifically proven that children learn better when they feel happy, safe, and loved. Always make reading time enjoyable and fill it with lots of love and cuddles.

The rhyme This is Big reinforced the concept of opposites and got some wiggles out.

And we ended with “We Are Monsters!” by Mr. Eric and Mr. Michael from Bouncy Blue. It fit so well with the story Love Monster and it was great to stomp and roar after singing so many sweet lovey songs.

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