Five Pairs of Dirty Socks

These simple soc???????????????????????????????ks made a great addition to my Sock Hop storytime this week. I stole the rhyme from a co-worker (I did find a similar rhyme from a previous post). They could be used as a sock sorting game as others have done, but they are a bit large and it would have to be a small group. I also did not make an amazing felt washer, maybe for next time. This is an easy flannel to make but it has lots of learning opportunities: colors, matching, counting (I even had the kids count by 2’s).

I tweaked the lyrics to the rhyme a little bit so that the final pair of socks was washed by the narrator (it was Auntie in the original). I think modeling a little personal responsibility and learning to wash your own socks is important 🙂

Five Pairs of Dirty Socks

Five pairs of dirty socks
On my bedroom floor
Mom washed the BLUE striped pair
And then there were four

Four pairs of dirty socks
They belong to me
Dad washed the PINK striped pair
And then there were three

Three pairs of dirty socks
What’s a kids to do?
Brother washed the PURPLE pair
And then there were two 

Two pairs of dirty socks
I wear them when I run
Sister washed the GREEN striped pair
And then there was one

One pair of dirty socks
One and only one
I guess I’ll wash the ORANGE pair
And then there will be none.

No more pairs of dirty socks
We washed them all today,
But wait until tomorrow
More are on the way!

You can make this flannel out of any color or style socks that you have materials for, since the colors are not the rhyming words.  I hope you have fun!

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