Sock Hop

I REALLY want to start offering a regularly scheduled music and movement storytime, but in the meantime I will settle for a Sock Hop storytime. This storytime calls for a few books about socks (and ducks apparently, what is it with ducks in socks?) plus some great tunes we can dance to in our socks, toss in a cute sock flannel board and stir in the secret ingredient of a parachute, and I think I’ve got a recipe for success!

We Read:

Socks! by Tania Sohn

A simple celebration of socks with a diversity bonus! I am a huge fan of silly socks and for years would secretly wear mismatched crazy socks along with my professional dress. Before I began reading, I took off my shoes to show off my awesome mustache socks, and invited anyone else who wanted to dance in their socks today to take off their shoes.

 Duck Sock Hop by Jane Kohuth

The perfect introduction to our sock hop! I actually had to do a little googling to refresh my memory of why a dance was ever called a sock hop. I had a feeling my kiddos wouldn’t be familiar with the phrase, so we talked a little about it. It also gave me a great literacy tip about building background knowledge:

Reading books together is a gateway to learning. Often picture books include language, history, or other concepts that children may be unfamiliar with. Take a moment to talk with your child and build their background knowledge before or during the story.

Sally and the Purple Socks by Lisze Bechtold

The kids had a lot of fun predicting what would happen to Sally’s socks as they grew and gre. After the story I revealed the bag that held the parachute, “Uh-oh. I left a pair of socks in my laundry bag. I think they may have grown . . . into a parachute!” What a hit!

Flannel Board: Five Pairs of Dirty Socks

We had a perfect number of kids to pass out the flannel socks and have them work together to make color pairs. This flannel also lent some number literacy to my storytime. First we counted the pairs of color socks, then we counted the individual socks, and then we counted by 2’s. “You are geniuses!”

I found a cute sock movement rhyme (from Preschool Express via Anne’s Library Life) and we practiced walking, marching, and hopping in our socks.

Put On Your Socks

Hickory dickory dock
Let’s put on our socks
We walk around,
without a sound
When we put on our socks!

(repeat with march, hop, tip-toe, run, etc.)

And then the true sock hop began!

We danced to:

Dancing Feet by Carole Peterson from Dancing Feet

Silly Dance Contest by Jim Gill from The Sneezing Song and Other Contagious Tunes

After breaking for Sally and the Purple Socks, her giant circus tent socks made a perfect transition to the parachute!

After a warm up parachute activity, I put on some more music “Six Little Ducks” by Raffi

I used different sized soft balls for the “fat ones, skinny ones, fair ones too” and I have a stuffed Angry Bird that made a perfect one to lead the others. We walked around the circle during the “wibble wobble” parts and shook the chute during the “quack quack quack.” A round of Popcorn got the ball off the chute and there was enough time for the kids to run like maniacs underneath while the grown-ups lifted the chute up and down.

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