PJ Storytime: Our Bodies, Our Selves

I always enjoy moving, shaking, and celebrating our awesome bodies. This is a pretty simple storytime, without a lot of bells and whistles (or ‘chutes and shakers) which is perfect for the week I’ve been having and all the snow expected to fall today.


We Read:

The Belly Book by Fran Manushkin

Kids love their bellies (and adults should love our bellies more than we do). This book is a wonderful celebration of bellies big and small. The bold, high contrast illustrations make it a storytime favorite.

From Head to Toe by Eric Carle

I absolutely love from head to toe. I get to do a different voice for each animal and the kids get to participate on every page, starting from small movements (turn your head) to big stomping, stretching. If you’re new to this book, I recommend skipping the donkey kick page with a group of kids (I learned this the hard way long ago)

I love books and rhymes that get kids moving while they learn, a point I like to share with parents:

Young children are active and energetic. Encourage movement even during reading time. Even when they are up and moving, they are still listening and learning.

I Like Myself by Karen Beaumont

This is a message we should be giving to the children in our care everyday. And it’s done with a fun rhyme and whimsical, rather seussical illustrations, which always gets some giggles from the crowd (or the one, as was the case this week). I even got a response “I always like me!” Well, melt my heart.

We Sang:

Head Shoulders Knees and Toes

Two Little Hands

Wiggle Them

Itsy Bitsy Spider

Since it was snowing, not raining today, I asked what would happen to a spider in the snow? I got a good answer: “Hide underground,” so we switched up the lyrics and sang a winter Itsy Bitsy Spider

We Danced:

“Can You Dance” by Aaron Nigel Smith from Giggling and Laughing

End Notes:

No storytime too small! I knew with all the snow predicted that evening that I wouldn’t have a large group. In fact only one child and his dad made it through the snow. As 7 pm rolled around, I turned to the little boy and asked, “Are you excited for a personal storytime?” I could have decided to cancel storytime that evening, but why disappoint even one child?And it was awesome! This kiddo is a regular and often prefers to enjoy storytime from his mom or dad’s lap. But tonight he cam way out of his shell, participating in all the songs and movements, answering questions and just having a blast. About midway through, we were joined by an older elementary student, drawn away from the computers by the sounds of fun. The storytime went faster without the trasition time needed for larger groups, so I asked him if he wnated to sing our goodbye song, or read another story. Another story, of course! I let him pick any of the books I put up on display, so we also read First Day of Winter by Denise Fleming.

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