PJ Storytime: Books and Libraries

2014 was a great year for metafiction picture books! Of course, The Book with No Pictures fits in this category as well, but since I read it earlier this year, I wanted to use fresh material. I’m really please with how these books fit together, but I had been stumped trying to think of some songs and rhymes that tied into the theme. I asked the hive mind on the Storytime Underground facebook page, and got some really great inspiration.

A Library Book for Bear by Bonny Becker

Mouse and Bear always bring a smile to my face, and I particularly enjoyed their trip to the library. My favorite part is that even though Bear is using a very loud voice, it’s a mama squirrel that shushes Bear, not the librarian. Sounds about right. After Bear gets his library books, we looked at how to treat those books in . . .

A Perfectly Messed Up Story by Patrick McDonnell

Poor Louie, he has a story to tell but someone is dripping jelly and scribbling on his lovely book! The combination of photographic peanut butter and jelly on the illustrated background is so realistic!

This Book Just Ate My Dog! by Richard Byrne

We need to treat our books nicely, but what if our books aren’t very nice? What if they are the dog eating kind? RIchard Byrne ingeniously used the gutter of the book to “eat” dogs, people, police cars, etc. A great book to use to teach children Print Awareness and how books are made, I introduced our literacy tip by holding the book upside down (No! Turn it over!) then backwards (No!) then opened it in the middle. The kids were cracking up 🙂

Literacy Tip: Reading

One of the early steps to reading is learning about the parts of a book and how books work. For young children  begin with books reading front to back, and words reading left to right.

We Sang:

The Alphabet Song

Top to Bottom, Left to Right

I Love the Library

I love the library! It’s my favorite place
(hug self)
With rows and rows of books in every case
(sweep arms across front)
Fat books
(arms wide)
Thin books
(arms at your side)
From wall to wall
(arms out)
If I read and read I can read them all!
(sign for read)

These Are My Glasses
(from Laurie Berkner, but sung acapella)

I decided to use the official ASL signs with this song, so before singing I taught the kids GLASSES, BOOK, READ & LOOK in ASL

These are my glasses
This is my book
I put on my glasses
And open up the book
Now I read, read, read
And I look, look, look
I put down my glasses
And close up the book

I also discovered a new(er) CD from Johnette Downing, Reading Rocks! The title song has a good beat to dance along to with our shakers. I always throw in a quick shaker transition song when I hand out the shakers to get everyone focused. Tonight I used Shake Your Shaker. I need to start trying out transition song to put them away, Jbrary has some great ideas!

End Notes:

It was a tough crowd tonight with a few older kids I hadn’t met before who thought it was funny to shout “No!” when asked to stand up/sit down/sing along and kept me on my toes. I handled it with humor and everyone had fun. While All Ages storytimes do present challenges, I love that I have elementary aged kids who are reading chapter books still enjoying being read to. I always try to remember to point out how awesome this is to parents and encourage reading aloud at home too:

Literacy Tip: Reading!

Reading out loud to your child fosters a love of reading and builds reading fluency, even after your child has learned to read independently. Older children will also enjoy having chapter books read aloud, and it is a great opportunity to share more challenging books than they may be able to read on their own.

The parents of my toddlers and preschoolers LOVED the ASL signs. I’ve never seen everyone so involved in teaching their kids the movements of a song. I will have to incorporate more ASL moving forward.

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