PJ Storytime: Eggs

Spring is in the air! And with spring comes some of my favorite storytime themes, maybe because it is one of my favorite seasons. There’s something magical about the transformation from the barren brown of winter to the eruption of new life if the spring. To me, nothing represents this better than the magic of an egg. And egg shakers are super fun, so any excuse to use them in storytime is a bonus.

We Read:

Except If by Jim Averbeck

This was a new-to-me book that had all the elements of an excellent read aloud: repetition that kids could follow, “except if . . .”, and a surprise on every page as the creature in the egg transforms. It fell a little flat, to be honest, perhaps because I read it first and more kids and families were trickling in late.

Eggs 1 2 3: What Will the Babies Be? by Janet Halfman

A fun lift-the-flap guessing game, this book tied beautifully into a point I had been wanting to make to the older kids who are so quick to answer questions they leave the little one’s out. It’s a great literacy tip for parents too:

Children’s brains are growing and making connections that will last them a lifetime. Due to all this activity, it takes children longer to answer questions, usually 5-7 seconds.

Be patient and give your child’s brain time to catch up and respond.

As we read the story, I had the kids count to 5 with me before they shouted out the answer. Some did better than others, but we’ll keep working on it. They loved guessing, though. I had planned to shorten this book, but we went all the way through all 10 eggs.

An Egg is Quiet by Dianna Aston 

After last week’s Alligators vs Crocodiles, I’ve wanted to keep adding non-fiction books to my storytime. It was also a nice change to end storytime with a quieter book, it is a PJ storytime, and the kiddos responded better than I expected. Maybe I’ve been keeping it high energy for myself, more than for them? This was the only book of the three that a kid wanted to check out and take home. She wanted to read all the small facts that we skipped in our group reading.

Flannel Board: Listen to the Eggs

I handed out the egg shakers to make sound effects for our hatching eggs. I did a quick shaker song as a transition, but struggled to keep the kids focused on the different shaker sounds (scratch, shake, tap)

We Sang:

Five Fat Peas

This is Big

“I Know a Chicken” by Laurie Berkner from “Whaddaya Think About That?”

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