PJ Storytime: Rain

I’ve got my fingers crossed for some April showers, so hopefully this storytime will have the power to bring some rain! I brought out the rhythm sticks to give our storytime some sound effects.

We Read:

Raindrops Roll by April Sayre

The beautiful photographs in this nonfiction picture book captured all of the kids attention. This was a book that really lent itself to exploration and discovery, since there isn’t much of a narrative line, we talked about what we saw in the photos and got the kids thinking about what happens when it rains.

The Rain Stomper by Addie Boswell

Not everyone loves the rain, especially when it ruins your parade. I chose this book for it’s onomatopoeia of the storm (Slap clatter clatter slap) but it also has a great message about overcoming your disappointment. We just used our hands and knees to make the sound effects written  into the text, which was practice for the next level . . . rhythm sticks!

I love including literacy tips about the importance of music and rhythm with language.

Studies have shown that children who can hear and identify rhythmic patterns perform better at reading and spelling.

So tap, snap, and stomp along to the beat while you enjoy music and poetry with your child.

I even got an exclamation of “Really!?” from one of my parents.

Listen to the Rain by Bill Martin Jr.

After practicing with our rhythm sticks, we used them to add sound to this story. Rubbing the sticks together, slow tapping stick on stick, and fast pounding on the floor. It did not go smoothly, and if I were to do it again I would read the story once through before adding the rhythm sticks, it’s short enough, since I think it was very difficult for kids to pay attention to the story and rhythm. But we had fun just the same 🙂

We Sang:

The Itsy-Bitsy Spider (classic!)

Come Under My Umbrella: I’ve done this in the past with the parachute, but we enjoyed it with the ASL signs I learned from Jbrary

Rain is Falling Down: again, thank you jbrary. It was nice to have a song that worked well for infants as well as older children. Some of my storytime kids have baby siblings that have been joining us.

Tap Your Sticks: This is from Hap Palmer’s CD “Rhythms on Parade” but I like to do it a capella so I can control the pace as the kids get used to using their rhythm sticks

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