PJ Storytime: Mother’s Day/ Families

I always try to keep my theme inclusive to non-traditional families when it comes to celebrating mom’s and dad’s. On top of that, I have a low tolerance for sticky-sweet “I Love You” books. I’ve actually ignored the holiday in the past, but this year there were a few new books I wanted to share that fit the theme.


We Read:

Henry Finds His Word by Lindsay Ward

Henry is looking for his first word, since “blrff” isn’t quite getting his message across. He asks the cat, a bird, a bunny, until he realizes he’s all alone. Then he feels a word bubbling up . . . “MAMA!”

A Mother for Choco by Keiko Kasza

Choco is a little bird looking for a mother that looks like him, but what he finds is that what makes a mother is what she does, not what she looks like. We addressed this point directly when one child exclaimed, “Mrs. Bear can’t be his mommy!” Mrs. Bear is a great example of the early literacy skills we try to reinforce each week, and today’s message was a thank you for all that the moms and caregivers do:

Every time you answer a question, tell a story, or just listen to what your child has to say, you are helping your child develop language and literacy.

Way to go!

Families by by Shelly Rotner & Sheila Kelly

This is a new book on the theme of “families can look different” using photos of real families. Right on cue I heard, “That’s weird” on the two mommies/ two daddies page, so we paused and reinforced that it may be different from your family, but families are made of people who love each other and that’s all that matters. This book comes with a built in literacy tip, that I shared at the end as well:

Recently, research psychologists have found that children who developed a strong family narrative from speaking to their parents about family history and hearing family stories, both good and bad, exhibited greater self-esteem and a feeling of control over their lives.

We Sang:

This is Big

This year this has become a regular addition, it may replace my mid-storytime stretch of Tall as a Tree

With My Family

This is a new song to me, thank you preschooleducation.com. I enjoy these participatory types of songs. You can ask the kids what they like to do with their family and insert their ideas into the verse.

Bean Bag Song by Hap Palmer

I can’t tell you how much I love this song for storytime. It’s engaging for all ages, slow enough for the young ones but who doesn’t love throwing and catching. I also appreciate a little slower song because by 7pm I’m a little exhausted most nights. So this was my Mother’s Day gift to myself 🙂

Flannel Board:

Five Little Ducks

I created scenery for this flannel board, which I haven’t done before. I wanted to show the little ducks going “over the hills and far away” It was a little awkward at first, but I practiced and I actually like that it slowed the song down.

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