PJ Storytime: Father’s Day

To be honest, in years past, Mother’s and Father’s Day have completely slipped my mind. But since we are parents this year they are more in the forefront. I’ve always been ok with skipping these celebrations (I don’t do holiday storytimes either) since there’s so many ways to make a family. My compromise this year has been to do some non-traditional tales and add a fully inclusive Family picture book.


We Read:

Tad and Dad by David Ezra Stein

I fell in love with this new book, especially the illustrations and I was excited to share it. However, while it was enjoyed by the kids, I didn’t slow down enough and explore the pictures so I don’t think they got that Tad was keeping his poor Dad awake every night. The book never addresses why it’s just Tad and Dad, Mom is not in the picture, but I liked having a book that just showcased Dad. Too often he is represented as a stand-in for Mom.

I repeated my Mother’s Day literacy tip, in keeping with the idea of celebrating our Dads and families I wanted to honor all that these parents are doing to get their children ready to read:

Every time you answer a question, tell a story, or just listen to what your child has to say, you are helping your child develop language and literacy. Way to go!

Mighty Dads by Jean Holub

Everyone loves trucks! This book is particularly fun because we get to do the motions on each page, Dig, dig, dig/ Reach, reach reach! Perfect for a mixed age, high energy group.

Families, Families, Families by Susanne Lang & max Lang

Whimsically drawn animal families represent a variety of family structures from traditional to single parent, blended and extended, as well as same sex parents. Interestingly, when I read a similar book with real photographs for Mothers Day I got a reaction from the kids on the two mommies, with illustrated animals, no reaction at all. It could have just been different kids but it makes me wonder.

We Sang:

I paired most of my songs with the sub-themes of the stories (frogs, trucks)

Five Green and Speckled Frogs (with Flannel)

I Have a Little Heart: I love this song for getting parents up and participating. I let them know at the end they will give their child a big hug and they are always happy to join in a hug their kids.

The Wheels on the Truck Go Round and Round

And We Danced to : Family Goodbyes by Jim Gill from “Moving Rhymes for Modern Times” I’ve avoided this song even though it was recommended by a co-worker because it is so slow and drawn out but it gave even the youngest kids time to follow along and wave with all their different parts.


In a happy coincidence we had a number of Dad’s in attendance today! I didn’t advertise my theme at all so I was very pleased to be able to celebrate them.

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