PJ Storytime: Yoga

Today was a last minute storytime. We were going to have a presenter come and perform a yoga storytime to the kids (we’re trying storytime events as part of our Summer of Reading this year). However, after taking shelter with all of our customers during a tornado warning, our area was still under a flash flood warning, so I didn’t want our performer to risk her life driving across the city and I expected a very small attendance. We decided to reschedule, but I still wanted to offer storytime to the families that braved the storm. Since I had grabbed yoga storytime books for display, I had an impromptu yoga storytime.


We Read:

From Head to Toe by Eric Carle

We started out with a familiar story, I find lots of themes to fit this gem in, and it was a great way to get our bodies warmed up.

You Are a Lion (And Other Fun Yoga Poses) by Taeeun Yoo

This is a wonderful picture book that guides children through some basic, animal and nature inspired poses. It was a bit awkward juggling the book and trying the poses with the kids, but no one noticed.

The Napping House by Audrey Wood

I admit, my favorite part of yoga is Savasana, when you just get to lay on the floor and let everything melt away. I also keep coming back to this notion that a PJ Storytime should be relaxing and getting the kids ready for bed. So I dimmed the lights, explained Savasana, and planned to just read a soothing story while the kids rested. The parents loved the idea, the kids . . . not so much. Great book, regardless!

We Sang:

Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes, of course.

My regular stretch, Tall as a Tree, I added the yoga tree pose which was tons of fun.

The Balloon, more of an activity than a song. The kids breathe in and inflate like balloons, then let it all out (noisily) and deflate to the floor. A great way to practice deep breathing.

We used scarves and just gently danced to “After the Rain” by Laurie Berkner from Under a Shady Tree

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