PJ Storytime: Dragons

After planning a knights and dragons storytime last week, I had so many great dragon books that they deserved their own special storytime. It was tons of fun roaring and drawing.

We Read:

The Crocodile Who Didn’t Like Water by Gemma Marino

I’ve been waiting to read this book ever since it didn’t make the cut for my crocodile vs alligator storytime. *SPOILER ALERT* He’s really a dragon! I love that the end pages add to the story. I always enjoy bring details like that to the kids attention.

Oh So Brave Dragon by David Kirk

A total crowd pleaser. I think I could do an entire storytime with the kids doing nothing but roaring and they would be totally happy. Little dragon is brave, but when he lets out a mighty roar, he’s sure there is some beast in the forest. That couldn’t be his roar!

How to Draw a Dragon by Douglas Florian

I tried something totally different with this book and I love how it turned out! The story does give “instructions” on how to draw a dragon. Amidst it’s whimsical rhyme, Florian lists the various parts of a dragon. I decided to draw a dragon on the whiteboard as I read the story, from his bumpy head to his knobby knees. While my practice dragons looked much beetter than the one I drew for my storytimers, it was still a success! I tied it with my Early Literacy Message”

Children learn shapes before they learn letters. The jagged and wavy lines your child scribbles will develop into writing. Be sure to give your child plenty of opportunities to draw shapes and scribbles. 20150722_192832

Then I invited kids and parents to draw their own dragons after storytime . . . AND THEY DID!

We Sang:

Flannel Story: 10 Dizzy Dragons

This flannel set came out so beautifully, I’m going to have to use it outside of the theme (or do dragons more often) There is more of a story that goes with each dragon, but once they were on the board we also sang a few rounds of “One Little, Two Little, Three Little Dragons”

From last week, In the Castle was a big hit again.

Another version of If You’re ______ and You Know It, this time a dragon (flap your wings, stomp your feet, ROAR)

And  my old stand-by’s This is Big and Tall as a Tree

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