About Me

“Good librarians borrow, great librarians steal!”

Who is that masked marauder, stealing all the best storytime practices and sharing them at the library? How does she sneak literacy tips into every storytime and pounce on teachable moments to spread learning and literacy?

The Storytime Bandit is actually a librarian named Melody working to bring joy and early literacy skills to the children of Denver.  I spend much of my day stealing amazing ideas from my co-workers and other librarian bloggers to use in my own storytime, I will endeavor to give credit where credit is due on this blog, but many of my songs and strategies were stolen so long ago I have no idea where they originated. And I am not ashamed. You could also call my thievery learning or sharing but that wouldn’t be as fun.

I wear many hats at my library and for the past few years teen services has been my focus, but it is time to let my alter-ego shine and make early literacy and storytime matter most. I am currently in charge of our branch’s All Ages PJ Storytime and have run a Book Babies program in the past. I am on the 2015 CLEL Bell Picture Book Award committee so I have been super excited about the new books this year.

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