I get to do the PJ Storytime at my branch library. This is an evening all ages storytime and so I try to appeal to an audience that tends to range from 2 year olds to 2nd graders. I tried to do a sleepy, cuddle storytime at first, but I can’t contain myself so these are high energy storytime. The kids love it, and the parents love that their kids love it šŸ™‚

I tend to stick with a theme when selecting my books (otherwise I would never be able to choose) although sometimes the theme is “Awesome Books Miss Melody Wants to Read!” Three books is my norm for a thirty minute storytime, though I will sometimes sneak in a fourth if the books are short. I try not to do two books back to back, inserting plenty of songs and action rhymes between books.

My song selection sometimes relates to the theme, or models the literacy tip, or is just a good fun song. I feel that themes are good guideposts, but you have more fun if you step off the trail. (Unless you’re actually hiking, then please stay on the trail and protect the natural ecology).

My goal is to update this page weekly with the book, songs, and literacy tips I used, as well as how it went over with my storytime families.

I use the same Welcome and Goodbye song each week:

Come Along With Me:

Come along and sing with me

sing with me, sing with me.

Come along and sing with me

At storytime.

Repeat with:

. . . clap with me.

. . . stretch with me.

. . . read with me.

Wave Goodbye

Tune of “If You’re Happy and You Know It”

Storytime is done now, wave goodbye

Storytime is done now, wave goodbye

Storytime is done, but I hope you had some fun

Storytime is done now, wave goodbye

Another staple is a short stretch, Tall As a Tree. I’m not sure how it became a permanent addition, but a number of my kiddos look forward to it and it’s a great, short half-time stretch so I keep it in.

Tall as a Tree

Tall as a tree

(arms up high)

Wide as a house

(arms out wide)

Thin as a pin

(arms in tight)

Small as a mouse

(crouch down)

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