Flannel: My Many Colored Cape

This flannel board has been making the rounds, but it’s just so good! I need to give a lot of credit here. Originally by Carissa Christner, 2009 ; I found it on thisishappystuff.com, and our amazing volunteer Cyndy created it for me and made a bear rather than a human superhero. Too cute!



My Many Colored Cape

My cape of bravery goes over my head
It make me feel bold and it’s color is (red)

My cape of honesty make villains speak true
It chases out lies and it’s color is (blue)

My cape of fairness conquers those who are mean
It makes me feel strong and it’s color is (green)

My cape of calmness makes me feel mellow
It quiets the world and it’s color is (yellow)

My cape of wisdom helps me to think
I can solve tricky problems and it’s color is (pink)

My favorite cape gives a nice glow
It’s all of the colors in a rainbow!