PJ Storytime: Good Day/ Bad Day

The book Bad Bye, Good Bye has been on my shelf for a little while, waiting to be a storytime. I love the illustrations, but I didn’t want to do “Moving” as a theme, so a paired it with a few other goo/bad, happy/sad books that were a lot of fun. All of these books had very sparse text, with much of the story being told by the illustrations, so it was a great storytime to model dialogic reading for the caregivers at my storytime.


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PJ Storytime: Cars

I have so much fun with car theme storytime, mostly because I get to use these amazing steering wheels:Car wheel

Someone put the idea out the to go along with the story “In the Driver’s Seat” and if you have this book in you collection, treasure it because it is out of print. BUT these steering wheels are fun with lots of car themed books and songs.

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