Early Literacy Messages in Action

An early literacy message has been a part of every storytime I have ever planned. Now, I admit, there have been times that I failed to actually deliver the message I planned, but no one is perfect.

I have only worked for one library district and my first librarian job began right around the launch of ECRR2. Reading, Writing, Talking, Singing, and Playing are what I live and breathe. However, it still doesn’t always come easy. Sometimes it feels like my message falls on deaf ears, or it comes out awkward and too wordy. But then I move on to next week and try again, because I honestly believe these small messages are the most important part of my storytime.

I love reading to children, I believe I’m actually a quiet talented reader, and it warms my heart when the children and parents are all engaged in a silly song, or squealing beneath the parachute. But I’m not here to entertain. My job is to help these children grow into readers and I am not powerful enough to do it alone. I need their parents and caregivers to understand why we do fingerplays and sing non-sense songs so that they will keep doing it at home.

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2015 CLEL Bell Picture Book Awards!

This past year I had the pleasure of serving on the award committee for a new picture book award, the CLEL Bell Award! This is the second year the the CLEL Bell committee has awarded honors to the best picture books that model and support the five early literacy practices: Read, Write, Talk, Sing, and Play. I think we did a bang up job picking this year’s winners. On the CLEL website you can also view activity sheets for each winning title, and take a look at the award’s short list for more fabulous titles (the competition was fierce).

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