Flannel: My Many Colored Cape

This flannel board has been making the rounds, but it’s just so good! I need to give a lot of credit here. Originally by Carissa Christner, 2009 ; I found it on thisishappystuff.com, and our amazing volunteer Cyndy created it for me and made a bear rather than a human superhero. Too cute!



My Many Colored Cape

My cape of bravery goes over my head
It make me feel bold and it’s color is (red)

My cape of honesty make villains speak true
It chases out lies and it’s color is (blue)

My cape of fairness conquers those who are mean
It makes me feel strong and it’s color is (green)

My cape of calmness makes me feel mellow
It quiets the world and it’s color is (yellow)

My cape of wisdom helps me to think
I can solve tricky problems and it’s color is (pink)

My favorite cape gives a nice glow
It’s all of the colors in a rainbow!

Flannel Board: Hatching Eggs

eggs 3

These sweet flannel eggs do double duty. I start with them all on their white egg side, and with each verse, one egg “hatches” and I flip it over to reveal the little chick on the other side. I made a flannel pocket nest to keep the eggs cozy and warm.

Eggs 1 Eggs 2

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PJ Storytime: Crocodile vs. Alligator

This idea has been percolating in my brain, and the end result is quite different than I thought it would be. I’m surprised by how many crocodile books I really love. I will have to fit some of them into other themes. I decided to add a non-fiction book to this storytime, which is not something I’ve done very often. I chose a book that compared alligators and crocodiles, since kids tend to use them interchangeably (I’m guilty of this myself sometimes).


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Five Pairs of Dirty Socks

These simple soc???????????????????????????????ks made a great addition to my Sock Hop storytime this week. I stole the rhyme from a co-worker (I did find a similar rhyme from a previous post). They could be used as a sock sorting game as others have done, but they are a bit large and it would have to be a small group. I also did not make an amazing felt washer, maybe for next time. This is an easy flannel to make but it has lots of learning opportunities: colors, matching, counting (I even had the kids count by 2’s).

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Flannel: Shape By Shape

Ever since I first saw the book Shape By Shape by Suse MacDonald I thought, “This should be a flannel story!” The way the pages reveal the dinosaur didn’t translate perfectly onto felt, so it did require some adaptation.

I finally put my mind to it and it turned out great (I think). Unlike the times I’ve used the story book, the kids did not guess right away what it was. I always felt that the cover gave it away.


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Song Cube

While not a new idea, the song cube has been popping up all over my feed and so the Storytime Bandit could not resist stealing this great idea.

If you haven’t heard, a song cube lets you roll the die to see what song you will sing next. Others have used tissue boxes as the base of their story cubes, but I’m a bit impulsive and since we use the long rectangular tissue boxes, I didn’t have the patience to buy and use a full box of tissue before I could begin (and there was no way I was going to waste all those tissues). So I decided to take a chance and make a cube from cardstock and lots and lots of packing tape.

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