PJ Storytime: Opposites

It was fun with opposites at storytime last night! I had an interesting crowd, I think the cold and snow kept a lot of families home, so at 7 pm I was walking the floor gathering up any kids I could find. I started with four kiddos and it grew as storytime progressed. There was a bit of improvising since the four children had never been to my storytime before, they weren’t getting into my traditional opening song. I switched it up and asked if anyone knew “Open Shut Them” to which one little boy exclaimed, “I know that from school!” I had 2 kindergartners and their older siblings, who were a little skeptical, so I started out with a book on my display table “Black? White! Day? Night!” in hopes of engaging the older two. I decided to save “Big Bug” for another day with a younger crowd.

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