Flannel: Shape By Shape

Ever since I first saw the book Shape By Shape by Suse MacDonald I thought, “This should be a flannel story!” The way the pages reveal the dinosaur didn’t translate perfectly onto felt, so it did require some adaptation.

I finally put my mind to it and it turned out great (I think). Unlike the times I’ve used the story book, the kids did not guess right away what it was. I always felt that the cover gave it away.


I did have to make a few changes from the story:

With my flannel, the mouth is placed before the teeth and I could not figure out how to add the half circles to the eyes. I also glued the dinosaurs nostrils to my background. This gave me a starting point so everything would fit together in the end (in the book they are added along with the mouth, but not mentioned in the text).

Do you know what I am?

I lived a long, long time ago.


I had round eyes . . . (what shape are his eyes?)


a very wide mouth . . .


lots of sharp teeth . . .


a oh-so smooth head . . .


and many many scales.


Have you guessed?  I was the biggest dinosaur ever . . . a Brachiosaurus!

3 thoughts on “Flannel: Shape By Shape

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